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Been wondering how you think you get better at what you do, whatever you do... design, illustration or photography...

I keep reading people say "keep at it, and you'll get better and better" but me, personally I've noticed I tend to get comfortable (or lazy?), and need to consciously determine a moment and say; "ok, now it's time to take the next step". It doesn't always work, but I feel like it somehow needs to be a conscious step.

How about you? How have you gotten better over the years, what do you feel were influences in your development. Did you discover a trick, did you talk to someone that opened your eyes to get better, did you put your head down and worked hard at learning a new skill?
Not a lot to some of you out there, but I'm happy! :) I think it took me the last 5 years or so to get from 120.000 to 150.000 but who cares haha, this calls for a celebration piece! Coming up early next week.

If you're seeing this, thanks for checking me out :D

How's your week been?
Had a look at the stats screen today, I wonder if it's a result of my few years (almost) absence or if Deviant Art as a whole isn't how I remember it from 5+ years ago anymore...

Some average stats

Comments per deviation
all time: 17
last 6 months: 1.73

Favorites per deviation
all time: 55
last 6 months: 5

Views per deviation
all time: 2841
last 6 months: 75 Unimpressed 

Comments per day
all time: 1.3
last 6 months: 0.14

Favorites per day
all time: 4.15
last 6 months: 0.44

Deviation views per day
all time: 212
last 6 months: 6.31 Jawdrop 

That is a huuuuuuuuuuuuge difference!

This used to be such a vibrant place for inspiration as well as motivation for me from community feedback. Sadly, my page seems pretty deserted. Unfortunately other art related social sites don't seem to bring much more interaction so it feels a bit like being on a deserted island. Wondering if others who have remained active have noticed the same, or if it is indeed due to me neglecting dA for so long.

Anyone? Depressed 

I'll be uploading new artworks to my Facebook page. I'll also upload some older work from here on there, and I'll tell a bit more about the background and context of the designs than I've done here or anywhere else. Miss hearing from you all, so let's hang out on FB, would love to see everyone there!…
Yes yes, I recently found out that Tumblr is actually pretty cool. I'm trying to post something random I made on my tumblr as often as possible. The target is once a day, but that's a lot... Check it out!
Does anyone have tips or knows of good cloud storage services (for designers)? Any help would be very much appreciated.

It's too bad iCloud doesn't let you just upload certain folders... or does it?

I can now finally say that I'm working for the man, because I'm going solo... and I'm the man :P

Come join me on Facebook :D

Everyone come and say hi on Behance :)

I'm kinda lonely there :(

4 years ago I did something I called the "$15 project". And I'm gonna do a 2nd round... The idea was this:

I'll create a custom 70x100cm poster (the end product will be a print-ready pdf file) designed for you personally by a theme of your choice. All you have to do is deposit $15 on my paypal account. Which should be a bargain hehe. :P

Just send me a note with the theme of your choice (a word or line from a song lyric, a city or movie quote or character etc) and your email address. I'll confirm back to you with my paypal account and will let you know if I'm still able to take new requests. When I received the $15 I'll send you a note to let you know when your design will be done.

This is not for commercial stuff, and turnaround might be slow, but hopefully a cool opportunity for you to get a personally dedicated design from me.

The poster will be dedicated to you, by my own artistic interpretation of the theme you present to me. $15 is not a lot of money for a custom design, (my regular hourly fee is over 4 times that) so please don't ask me to add small things or to take things out once the design is done. This is just a fun project for me and it is what it is :)

I hope you guys will think this is as interesting an experiment as I think this could be a fun challenge for me. If not, then at least I made a fool of myself in a rather funny way

These are 4 of the posters I made back then.

Alt Rocket 3 by 1NNU3NDO Innuendo by 1NNU3NDO Loving Blackness by 1NNU3NDO NYC by 1NNU3NDO

* Please, no requests for commercial events. If you have a commercial event you're more than welcome to contact me through my mail at and I'll give you an estimate.
Can anyone make me cool on Dribbble? Would be really really appreciated :)

Oh, and post your dribbble, or add me :)
Ah, it has happened to pretty much everyone, and I am no exception. So if you'd want an unauthorized shirt of one of my designs, go here:…

Now we're on the subject... who would be interested if I'd be turning some of my current designs and some fresh designs into a clothing brand?
To everyone who is reading this, I would love to see you on my Facebook page :)…

Hope to see you there!!
HELLO... hello... hello...
Hey Guys,

Could use some help. I'll be visiting Barcelona for the 2nd time end of September. Already saw all the basic tourist stuff last time, but what cool things are there to see/visit/do for us artists/designers?

I'm talking cool shops, museums, street art, creative restaurants & bars etc etc.

Please share! :)
It's been a long and lonely trip but I'm glad that I took it because it was well worth it.
I got to read a couple books and do some research before I reached my verdict.
Never thought that I was perfect. Always thought that I had a purpose.
Used to wonder if I'd live to see my first kiss.

The most difficult thing I ever did was recite my own words at a service
Realizing the person I was addressing probably wasn't looking down from heaven.
Or cooking up something in hell's kitchen, trying to listen in or eaves drop from some another dimension.
It was self serving just like this is.

Conveniently religious on Easter Sunday and on Christmas.
The television went from being a babysitter to a mistress.
Technology made it easy for us to stay in touch while keeping a distance,
'til we just stayed distant and never touched. Now all we do is text too much.

I don't remember much from my youth. Maybe my memory is repressed.
Or I just spent too much time wondering if I'd live to have sex.
Fell in love for the first time in 4th grade but I didn't have the courage to talk to her.
In 8th grade I wrote her the note but I slipped it in someone else's locker.

Considered killing myself 'cause of that.
It was a big deal. It was a blown cover.
It was over for me. My goose was cooked.
Stick a fork in me. The jig is up.
I blew my chances, the rest is history, our future was torn asunder.
It became abundantly clear that I was only brought here to suffer.

At least I didn't include my name.
Thankfully I wrote the whole note in code
And it had 10 layers of scotch tape safety seal making it impossible to open.
Plus, it was set to self destruct.
Whoever read it probably died…laughing.
I wonder if they lived long enough to realize what happened.

A year later, I came to understand that wasn't love that I was feeling for her.
I had someone else to obsess over.
I was older. I was very mature.
I forged my time signature while practicing my parents autograph 'cause I was failing math.
Disconnected the phone when I thought the teacher would call my home.

I checked the mailbox twice a day at the end of a long dirt road.
Steamed open a couple envelopes like I was in private detective mode.
If you snoop around long enough for something in particular you're guaranteed to find it.
For better or worse that's how I learned that it's best to just keep some things private.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.
I was always on deck, I was next in line.
An only child with a pen and pad writing a list of things that I could never have.
The walls in my house were paper thin.
Every squabble seemed to get deafening.
If my memory serves me correctly I made it a point to void and forget some things.
Probably to keep from being embarrassed.
Never meant to upset or give grief to my parents.
Kept my secrets…hid my talents…
In my head, never under the mattress.

Therapy couldn't break me.
Never learned a word that would insure safety.
So I spoke softly and I tip toed often.
The door to my room was like a big old coffin.
The way that it creeked when I closed it shut.
Anxieties peaked when it opened up.
As if everything that I was thinking would be exposed.
I still sleep fully clothed.

It was the best of times.

It was beautiful.
It was brutal.
It was cruel.
It was business as usual.

Heaven. It was hell.
Used to wonder if I'd live to see 12.

When I did I figured that I was immortal.
Loved to dance but couldn't make it to the formal.
Couldn't bear watching my imaginary girlfriend
Bust a move with any other dudes.

Tone Loc was talking bout a "Wild Thang"
But I was still caught up in some child thangs.
Scared of a God who couldn't spare the rod.
It was clearly a brimstone and fire thang.

Pyromaniac. Kleptomaniac.
Couldn't explain my desire to steal that fire.
Now I add it to my rider.
Like "Please oh please don't throw me in that patch of brier!"

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

The school counselor was clueless 'cause I never skipped classes.
Perfect attendance. Imperfect accent.
Speech impediment they could never really fix
And I faked bad eyesight so I could wear glasses.

Considered doing something that would cripple me.
I wanted a wheelchair. I wanted the sympathy.
I wanted straight teeth so then came braces.
4 years of head gear helped me change faces.

It was the best of times. It was the end of times.

Now I wonder if I'll live to see marriage.
Wonder if I'll live long enough to have kids.
Wonder if I'll live to see my kids have kids.
If I do I'm gonna tell 'em how it is.

"Don't listen when they tell you that these are your best years.
Don't let anybody protect your ears.
It's best that you hear what they don't want you to hear.
It's better to have pressure from peers than not have peers.
Beer won't give you chest hair. Spicy food won't make it curl.
When you think you've got it all figured out and then everything collapses…
Trust me, kid…it's not the end of the world."…
I've been watching some oldies ads and commercials lately and I enjoyed them a lot.

This made me wonder, do a lot of today's advertising people claim to the world that the old style doesn't work anymore because they need to be able to justify their own existence towards clients?

Does Facebook, Twitter etc really work better than traditional advertising or is it just a way of agencies and ad-people creating room for themselves in the advertising world? Do you really need a conversation with your customers or is it enough to stake a claim in an ad? After all, there are other, perhaps more suitable, moments to have a conversation with your customers...

What do you think?
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Going to write this in Dutch, since it's only aimed at Dutchies:

Het reclamebureau waarvoor ik wer (BrandBase) zoekt vanaf februari 2012 weer een enorm getalenteerde design-stagiair. Check voor meer info Spread the word!